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Tony did a super job on his project. Here's what he had to say:


Attached are pictures of a deer blind/stand that we installed Saturday.  We already had the platforms so I modified the design just a little so that the blind would fit on the platform. It took a few extra 2X2s and I used 2X2 just above the windows as stiffeners.   

I also modified the design so that the stand could be broken down into 5 pieces for easy transportation.  I also needed them light enough so that we could get them on top of the 10 platform with 2 men.  It worked real well.  Instead of one solid frame I build a frame for each side (front, back, left, and right) and one for the top.  I built it in my garage over a couple of weeks an hour or so at at time. 

Once in the field one person stood on top of the platform and the other handed a piece up. The stand was held together with 3 screws from the inside frame to frame.  I made some corner braces out of plywood for the back.  For the front shelves I used a piece of  5/4 board which set perfectly on the top stiffener and added support to keep it square.  I used a 5/4 board for the lower front shelf as well and made a support out of scrap 2X4 and I ran screws from the outside into the edge of the shelf. 

The only other modification was to use a piece of black web strap as a handle inside and out.  Big enough so that it could be used with gloves.

My wife gave me the idea for the camo painted trees.  We used a small 4 sponge roller and cut out some of the sponges so it would leave part of the background color visible.  It ended up matching the existing trees fairly well.

Other than modifying the ladder we are ready to hunt this season.  This stand overlooks a acre food plot and will be our primary doe harvesting stand for our kids.  We are excited as know we can hunt longer in worse weather with our boys,  so that should lead to them harvesting their first deer.

Thanks a lot for all your help.



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