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You Get Box Stand Plans AND Hanging Tree Stand Plans In EVERY Book!
Available In:  Printed Book / Download / CD

About The Grand Stand CD eBook

This CD/eBook is designed with you in mind and we are constantly updating it so you'll have the latest version with the latest information. We add new ideas submitted by hunters that have used this CD/eBook as their guide.

We don't burn hundreds of CD's in advance. When you order this CD, you will be getting the very latest and updated CD that is available.

The CD eBook and the download eBook are exactly the same! When your order comes in, we will get a CD out to you pronto! If you would like to download a free PREVIEW of this eBook and see what comes on the CD, click here for the info.

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Are There Any "Extras" In These Books?.You Bet!

  • There are tips in this book that show you the easy way to move your Grand Stand to other locations after you have set it up in the field.

  • How to PROPERLY heat your Grand Stand is even in this eBook!

  • How to PROPERLY refill propane canisters is detailed!

  • A "freestanding rack" and a "tree rack" for your Grand Stand are detailed in this book. The "racks" are actually the base for the stand and they enable you to keep your stand well off the ground AND its easy to move when you want to. We have many on our property and have been doing this for over twenty five years.

  • A full page of tips and shortcuts that make your Grand Stand one-of-a-kind!

  • You get "The Amazing Benefits Of Emu Oil" eBook for free. Dozens of benefits detailed for you and your family! From our website EmuOilDepot.com.

  • You'll see lots of box stands in this eBook that are on our property, well over twenty years old, and still in GREAT shape!

  • Call Magness Enterprises 800 line with questions anytime during your project! 877-968-6878

All Our Books Are Unconditionally Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

This eBook includes "The Amazing Benefits Of Emu Oil" eBook for free. Dozens of health benefits detailed for you and your family!

You get the HUGE list of extras detailed on the grand stand books page AND the "Grand Stand Plans" eBook download or CD eBook is only $19.95. The two printed books + CD are only $29.95 & We Pay Shipping!


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