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About The Grand Stand Hang On Stand
$16 Quality Tree Stand!

The Grand Stand hang on stand solves your problems of cost, set-up, travel, portability, comfort, location (you can easily put it where you want), and moreIts REAL EASY to carry half a dozen of these tree stands with you when you go on a hunting trip.

The Grand Stand Hang On Stand Folds Flat!

The Grand Stand hang on stand folds flat so its very easy to travel with them. And when you're NOT in the stand, you can put the platform up so it doesn't catch rain, leaves, etc!


The platform for a hang on tree stand is 20 inches square, so one sheet of 4 ft x 8 ft plywood will make eight stands!  Also, it only takes 49 inches of 2 x 6 lumber for a tree stand so, ONE 10 foot 2 x 6 board is easily enough for two hang on stands! 

Build Several Stands As Easy As One And Save BIG!

Doing the preparation for several stands is as easy as one so keep this in mind when you get started. Get together with friends to build several hang on stands and have each one furnish something different. This way, your stands can actually cost EVEN LESS! 

When other hang on stands show deterioration or get damaged they must be replaced, but with this stand it's easy to replace the wooden parts because you have the hardware which basically means you have new stands again!

The Grand Stand hang on stand pictured here was built in 1991! 

About The Grand Stand Hang On Stand

  • These stands will last you from now on because if one ever gets damaged you have the hardware so it's low cost and easy to repair!

  • Grand Stand hang on stands fold in half for easy carrying and the platform can be set in the upright position to stop debris, etc., from collecting when you're not in the stand.

  • Building several stands is as easy as building one!

  • You will be safe, this stand has been tested to 400 pounds!

  • You can make lots of money by selling hang on stands on auctions or locally!

  • This successful tree stand design has proven to be the best all-around design in terms of strength, cost, and flexibility (for convenience and ease of use).

  • You'll have all the quality tree stands you'll ever need for WAY LESS COST (under $25 each!)

  • This eBook is packed with all the modified graphic close-up photos you need!

  • Detailed step by step schematic drawings for your hang on stand insures you'll have all the hang on stands you need at a VERY low cost from now on (under $25 each)!

All Our Books Are Unconditionally Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

This eBook includes "The Amazing Benefits Of Emu Oil" eBook for free. Dozens of health benefits detailed for you and your family!

You get the HUGE list of extras detailed on the grand stand books page AND the "Grand Stand Plans" eBook download or CD eBook is only $19.95. The two printed books + CD are only $29.95 & We Pay Shipping!


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