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Clyde Kennedy's Photo Gallery!
Many Thanks To Clyde For A Great Addition
To GrandStandPlans.com!



I have completed construction of my box stand. It was an entertaining  project. I made a couple changes/additions for this climate. If you can provide me with your address I'll snail mail you a letter tomorrow and of course some deer photos this fall! 


Clyde Kennedy

Clyde has sent some great pics showing he used OSB material.
With the paint job he applied, this will be a LONG LASTING stand!

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Tia Kennedy & Her First Whitetail Doe
(58 Caliber Muzzle Loader!)

Bill Kennedy & His White Tail Doe


Here are our success photos for the deer season here in Washington State. The first picture is of my wife Tia and her very first whitetail doe with her 58 caliber muzzle loader. It as a fifty-three yard heart shot. The animal was down in forty yards.  

The second picture is of my eighty year old father and his whitetail doe he took with his 30-06. Both animals were taken from your Stand design and it worked perfectly.

I hunted with bow and arrow this year and unfortunately got the goose egg.  Your Box Stand design and how to build it really did the trick.  

Thank you,  

Clyde D Kennedy

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